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Around the Common Room 5 August 2011

korg20000BC had a great idea the other day; at least I thought so. I’ve always tried to come up with a different name for each post of miscellaneous stuff I post up, but it’s simpler and probably more efficient to just call it all Around the Common Room. :)

In some really great news for Harry Potter literary nerds and geeks, Harry Potter for Nerds: Essays for Fans, Academics, and Lit Geeks by Travis Prinzi, Pub proprietor, is now out and available for purchase!!

From the Amazon product description: ‘Harry Potter for Nerds’ is a collection of the most exciting ideas from twelve Hogwarts Professors about the world’s best selling books. Travis Prinzi, author of ‘Harry Potter and Imagination’ and webmaster at The Hog’s Head, has tapped his Potter Pundit friends in Fandom and at better universities around the country for their insights about the literary magic of the seven novels, from their ring composition to the symbolism of the planets, from the Dante, Spencer, and MacDonald echoes to exploration of the meanings of magic and technology. Profound and far-reaching as these ideas are, the essays are all written in accessible style and tone. Serious readers of Harry Potter will delight in the conversation each chapter offers with another lover of the Hogwarts Saga and its greater depths.

Sounds like a great book for the Harry Potter nerd in your life, even if that nerd is you! ;)

In movie news, the Deathly Hallows 2 movie has been rocking the box office. It was the fastest to reach $900 million dollars, doing it in 15 days as opposed to Avatar’s 18 days. Here’s a more complete story on it. H/T to R.Ross for sending me a link to this. Deathly Hallows 2 also passed the $1 billion dollar mark for worldwide box office, beating Transformers: Dark of the Moon to that mark and also tying Avatar’s mark at being fastest to $1 billion at 19 days. For more details, see here.

Two other movies recently out, which might be of interest to our patrons, are Cowboys and Aliens and Captain America. I won’t say much about them as I haven’t seen them and don’t plan to, but here’s a review on Cowboys and Aliens and here is one on Captain America. As with all reviews, beware of spoilers. Feel free to share your thoughts on either movie.

I started reading Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen the other day, so I thought I would share a link to something related to Austen. This posting can be summarized as “the healing power of Jane Austen,” entitled The Great Escape of Jane Austen by Vera Nazarian. The author touches on many themes which we’ve also covered here at the Pub. It’s a nice Friday read.

And finally for a Friday funny, here is David Copperfield vs Harry Potter. Enjoy!

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